My Top 20 Films of 2015

leoMy Top 20 Films of 2015

I saw so many movies in 2015, and I wish that I had seen a few more! I haven’t seen “Son of Saul” or a lot of the documentaries, but I do plan on watching them and updating this list as time goes on. But for now here are my Top 20 Films of 2015.

20. Brooklyn
19. Bridge of Spies
18. The Look of Silence
17. Spotlight
16. 99 Homes

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Oscars: 2016 Winner Predictions and Full List

revenant-gallery-16-gallery-imageOscars: 2016 Winner Predictions and Full List

After “The Revenant” scored 12 nominations on Thursday morning, you have to start thinking that the HFPA favoring “The Revenant” to “Spotlight” wasn’t just a fluke.

We’ll watch and follow the momentum, there is still plenty of time before the Oscars, but we’ve seen this momentum change at the end all too often in the past few years. Primarily when it was supposed to go to “Boyhood” but went to “Birdman” and in 2011 when it was supposed to go to “The Social Network” but went to “The King’s Speech.”

Watch for the PGA and DGA winners as well to notice any significant momentum shift. “Spotlight” should win SAG and PGA, but I think all “The Revenant” needs is a push from a DGA win to secure its victory. If “The Revenant” wins PGA? Well, then it’s over.

revenant-trailer-home-640x320Best Picture
The Revenant
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Martian
The Big Short
Bridge of Spies
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Oscars: Updated Predictions – August


TWC — The Hateful Eight

Oscars: Updated Predictions – July

With the new, stunning list of films premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, we thought it was about time we go through and update our Oscar Predictions.

Truthfully though, not much has changed. “The Revenant” still looks strong, The Weinstein Company still has “Carol” and “The Hateful Eight.” “Star Wars” seems like it could nail a lot of the technical categories along with Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies.”

Once TIFF and Telluride kick off we will have a whole new enlightenment on what is to come, but for now here are our best guesses:

And remember, keep visiting our Oscar page for frequent updates.

leoBest Picture
The Revenant
The Hateful Eight
Steve Jobs
The Danish Girl
Beasts of No Nation
The Walk
Inside Out
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Oscar: Updated Predictions – Post Cannes

maxresdefaultOscar: Updated Predictions – Post Cannes

“Carol,” “MacBeth,” “Inside Out,” “Sicario,” “Mad Max: Fury Road” are just some of the titles that had a strong reaction at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

Since last time (mid-April) a lot has changed. Still, there are a ton of potentially strong films that should show up on the festival circuit this fall.  We still feel strongly about “The Revenant,” “Steve Jobs,” “The Danish Girl,” and “The Hateful Eight” as well.

So below are our full predictions, and click here to always access our most updated predictions.
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