Gallery: Sonic the Hedgehog

soniccartridgeGallery: Sonic the Hedgehog

You can’t tell the story of a company’s mascot without knowing the history of the company first. The story of Sega begins where most good stories begin – World War II.

During WWII the number of men stationed at military bases had increased. Businessmen Martin Bromley, Irving Bromberg, and James Humpert saw a potential market regarding how soldiers spent their spare time.

They formed a company called “Standard Games” in Honolulu, Hawaii. Their company provided military bases with coin-operated amusement machines most of which were slot machines.800px-Slot_machines_at_Wookey_Hole_CavesAfter the war the company changed their name to “Service Games” when they started seeing Japan (which was under Allied occupation) as a potential market. Well, in 1951 the government of the United States started outlawing slot machines. The company moved their base to Tokyo and changed their name again to “Service Games of Japan.”
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Gallery: Tetris

Tet312-TitleGallery: Tetris

Critical thinking, an analytical quality that is required, at various lengths, of every existing video game. Before video games told complex interactive stories or pitted players from around the world, in an arena against each other, video games acted as mental tests, some more difficult than others.

“Tetris” was, and is, one of the greatest mental tests of its medium. It has, on several occasions, been the subject of academic research. Vladimir Polkhilko was the first clinical psychologist to conduct experiments using “Tetris.” It has been used in several fields including theory of computation, algorithmic theory, and cognitive psychology.
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