Analysis: Is “Destiny” a disappointment?

Destiny-E3-2014-Story-Trailer-largeAnalysis: Is “Destiny” a disappointment?

On June 19, 2000, Microsoft announced that they had acquired Bungie Software and that Bungie would be part of the Microsoft Game Division under the name Bungie Studios. “Halo,” originally planned to be released solely for PC gaming, would become a Xbox exclusive. The greatest exclusive franchise to ever land on the Xbox consoles. Acquiring Bungie would be, financially, a strong decision for Microsoft. The sequel, “Halo 2,” also left a legacy on the video game industry, and made more than $125 million on its release day setting a record in the entertainment industry. “Halo 3” would break that record, earning $170 million on its opening day.

On October 1, 2007, Microsoft and Bungie announced that Bungie was splitting off from its parent and becoming a privately held limited liability company named Bungie LLC. Microsoft would retain a minority stake and continue to partner with Bungie on publishing and marketing both “Halo” and future projects, with the “Halo” intellectual property belonging to Microsoft.
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Preview: The Potential of “Destiny”

xl_Destiny-Artwork-Soldier2-62Preview: The Potential of “Destiny”

Take into consideration all of the hearsay, featurettes, trails, and gameplay demonstrations we have seen. Take all of that hype and potential and accompany it with the words of Bungie’s lead writer Joseph Staten, who in 2012 stated that the studio had intentions of “building a universe” that would “take on a  life of its own.”

Gather all of the news and official statements demonstrated with an abundance of ambition – the incorporation of social media on mobile devices, the use of faceware’s motion capture technology. Package all of this into a game where the budget for marketing and developing is $500 million dollars, more than any other game in history. What do we have here?

The most anticipated game of 2014, probably the most anticipated game of the decade that’s hype extends further than any movie and television show on right now. “Destiny” feels and at times looks like it is, not only going to be the best video game of 2014, but the next big game to push video game technology into a new era.

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Classic Video Game Analysis: The Legacy of Halo

Classic Video Game Analysis: The Legacy of Halo
by Matthew Durham

November 15, 2001 was a milestone in Video Game history, it was the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. I wanted to talk less about the video games themselves and more about what makes them a “Legacy.” Personally, I probably would’ve never bought an Xbox back then if it wasn’t for Halo: Combat Evolved. The game was addicting and fun.

But let’s talk about legacy. What makes a legacy is how one artistic creation impacts the medium. Safe to say films like Gone with the Wind and Psycho were legacies for film and Star Trek would be one for television. The Halo franchise left a beautiful mark on Video Games and helped inspire some of the greatest video games today such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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