SideNote: “The Last Man on Earth” and the unlikable protagonist

phil-tandy-todd-last-man-on-earthSideNote: “The Last Man on Earth” and the unlikable protagonist

Fox’s new show “The Last Man on Earth” wrapped up its first season and after the comical, slapstick humor of the first episode, we were shown an entirely different show filled with, at times, brutally awkward jokes and a very unlikable protagonist.

“The Last Man on Earth’s” lead character, Phil “Tandy” Miller, is so unlikable that many critics and viewers stated that it turned them off from the show entirely. Show co-creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller explained themselves a little bit in an interview with Vulture. It is an interesting read if you have the time.
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Film Review: The Lego Movie

APphoto_Film Review The Lego Movie

Film Review: The Lego Movie

When “The Lego Movie” was first announced the inner child in me was curious, but the adult in me was skeptical. Above action figures I played with Legos. I reimagined  my lego figurines in different adventurous scenarios and acted out whatever nonsensical epic that was in my imagination at the time. This isn’t something any adult would do usually. Even worse, this isn’t something many adults would even remember doing.

Trailers and T.V. spots demonstrated a nice fun kids film, but nothing special; at least that was my impression. Many critics and movie-goers were bewildered when every single second of “The Lego Movie” turned out to be entertaining. The film received an early “Cerified Fresh” title on Rotten Tomatoes with a score higher than this years Oscar front-runners. Continue reading