“The Last Jedi” volatility continues

Politics, Religion, and Star Wars.

These days, conversations about these three topics can lead to some heated debates.

Fandom is a result of passion and when the first film released in 1977 it not only would reshape the entertainment industry, but it would create it’s own culture.

Any creative medium speaks volumes with what it omits. “Fantasy” is a genre dependent on omission. World-building is in our imagination based on what we have not seen.

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Halo – or Microsoft Studios’ most profitable franchise

“Halo 5” is currently the 2nd most profitable game on the Xbox One and the most profitable exclusive for the console.

“Halo 5” grossed $400 million in its first 24 hours and $500 million in its first week.

Some claim the rise to that lucrative second place ranking is due to the addition of loot boxes and microtransactions, which I’m absolutely sure helped, but I’m not about to go on another rant about this uninviting addition to infrastructure in the business of video games.

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Updated Oscar Predictions – June 2018

All Oscar Predictions are updated!

We are starting to get some clarity, but there are still many films that need to be seen or, hell, even finished.

Keep here for most up-to-date predictions.

For now, here’s what sounds good to us:

Our ranking system is based on our Oscar Tiers page, which is based on the rankings of “Award blogs” throughout the web.

Picture (06/12/18)
Ad Astra
A Star is Born
The Favourite
If Beale Street Could Talk
First Man
Boy Erased

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The e3 Tradition

With e3 right around the corner myself, and several other avid and casual gamers pretty much have their pitchforks ready.

We live in an age, particularly with movies and video games where fan criticism (whether it’s on social media or direct messages to the development team) pale in comparison to financial gain.

What I mean is, the input is considered, but the profit number is considered much more substantially. This is just good business in industries bordering monopoly. There’s no competition to force EA Games, for instance, to recall their over-reaching micro-transactions. Plus the micro-transactions themselves assure profit.

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The divisiveness of all “Roseanne” and the responsibility of being a public figure

Roseanne Barr tweeted something disgusting and racist and ABC prompty cancelled her revival sitcom.

Okay, now that you’re caught up…

To some people (actually most people unfortunately) politics is more about faith than it is about facts.

Roseanne Barr was never the kind of person to shy away from giving her political opinion, no matter how controversial or atypical to left-leaning Hollywood.

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The exhaustive bombardment of Star Wars origin stories

This is frustrating.

I get it. We live in a world where big-budget films are only created if there is concrete data they will make profit.

To Disney executive the data clearly states “Put an Avenger in it or put “Star Wars” in the title and it will profit.”

I’ve ranted time and time again about the lack of creativity currently in the Marvel and “Star Wars” universes. So I’ll spare “ranting” and come down to their level.

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