Film: The Florida Project – the reality we don’t want to see

I’ve lived in Central Florida for 7 years. When I travel home I’m often asked “How often do you go to the Beach?” or people say “Damn, must be nice living next to Disney World.” And it is… if you can experience those things.
Central Florida may perhaps be the tourist capital of the world. But whether it’s Paramore, Pine Hills, or around the edges of OBT – this place isn’t the fairytale that Floridian politicians and advertisers are selling.
Hearing about The Florida Project was borderline euphoric for me. Such an important, cultural topic being created by the same filmmaker who just came off of Tangerine – also one of the most important films of this decade.

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EA: The company who took on the world

If you’ve been a gamer this past decade you’d know that the gaming community has been at war with micro-transactions for some time now.

There has been no worse perpetrator than Electronic Arts.

Voted multiple times as the worst company in America. Yes, below oil companies, lobbying firms, and all of America’s internet companies that have borderline monopolies. Isn’t that insane?

Let’s talk a bit about micro-transactions. I listened to an interview once that the profit that comes in from micro-transactions is substantial and often laps the initial profit of the video game. Here’s where there argument gets a little more valid: Continue reading

The complex categorization of Get Out

When you apply a genre to a film you are trying to squeeze it into this box. The reason we sort films by genre is simply to help viewers decide what they want to watch.

Is “Get Out” a comedy? is it a drama?

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My Moviepass Endorsement

Moviepass has the potential to be the life-jacket to a sinking industry.

Well, that’s a bit hyperbolic isn’t it? The industry is not “sinking” per se, but it’s also not floating comfortably.

2017 was the worst summer in 25 years for movie theaters. In the midst of all the empty theaters Moviepass’ pie-in-the-sky pipe dream came to life. Continue reading

The Weinstein Effect – The necessity of the Hollywood Purge

We are in the midsts of a historical year for the entertainment industry – there is no denying that. Victims, both women and men, suppressed by the lingering aura of those in power, are starting to feel comfortable speaking out and sharing their trauma.

Before I get into the meat of this post I have to give a shout out to these brave women and men. It’s easy for us on the outside to judge and critique public figures. You’ll often find in comment sections – “Why’d it take so long for you to speak up?”

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TV: 13 Reasons Why S1 – (3/4)

TV: 13 Reasons Why S1 – (3/4)

I didn’t know much about 13 Reasons Why going into it. Never read the book, but I was aware of the looming controversies it had accumulated with its depiction of suicide.

13 Reasons Why is a cold, cold series. A mystery shrouding an aura of doom and gloom. The acting is honest and emotional without falling victim to melodrama. There are a few moments that edge it though.

Does the show glorify suicide? That’s an understandable interpretation, but it really does depend on just that – your interpretation.

Will the show make your underage children want to harm themselves? It definitely won’t help if they’re already showing signs of sadness/depression. A show or movie will never start that conversation in someone’s head, but it can continue it. Please, talk to your children and loved ones and keep those doors open. All episodes warrant strong TVMA ratings for 17+.

The hardest thing when you finish that final episode, and make it through those harrowing and disturbing moments is the realization that the problem is identified. Normally a narrative solves it – these people needed to realize, whether it was brazen or quiet, that they killed Hannah Baker.

They learn their lessons, but then what? Nothing can change, Hannah’s death is a permanent stamp.

There’s nothing happy about 13 Reasons Why, but it does suck you into its mystery and then bashes you over the head with the simple life lesson – we can all be better people, and we should all try harder to be there for others.

Words and actions have power and you never know what effects your words or actions have on others.

As a show – shot beautifully, acted expertly. The plot device puts an annoying limitation on Clay. Sometimes you wish he’d just listen to the tapes already! But they find creative ways around that toward the middle of the season.

Another show where I’m divided on a second season. They didn’t tie all their knots so it’d be nice to have some additional closure. However, moving forward with further tragedies (their possibilities indicated in the finale) may tread all too close to exploitation.

Film: The Fall of Harvey Weinstein

Film: The Fall of Harvey Weinstein

It’s been everywhere.

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit… So you pretty much have an idea now that Harvey Weinstein is a despicable creep.

Along with these multiple allegations, we are learning more about the complicit behavior of a lot of performers and industry leaders alike.

This is not okay.

There is a poison in Hollywood. While the Hollywood elite preach their left-wing ideologies of inclusiveness; studios fail to employ female filmmakers at alarming rates, studio CEOs and production heads sexually harass men, women, children – whoever they want.

They believe they are power. That they can deliver dreams and therefore can control people – objectify them. It’s a truly despicable cognitive dissonance that is evergrowing within the elites not just in this industry, but in many industries in a country that has let unhinged capitalism and corporate greed run amuck.

In our country if you have money, you are above the law.

Harvey Weinstein will throw money at these cases. Retire peacefully and quietly. And those who were complicit, his brother, the board of TWC, and the many industry insiders who stood by and accepted this as normal or okay will clap the dirt from their hands with empty PR-filled apologies and sustained silence.

Hollywood is a dirty, dirty, despicable and hypocritical place.

We watch movies and shows for the escapism. For those fleeting moments of bursting emotion that we receive from them.

We all need to remember though, that the faces we fall in love with on screen are not the same faces in the real world. Separating the art from the artist is one thing, but we cannot condone an entire industry placing itself above the law and above basic human rights.

Be vocal, be supportive of those who have been victimized. These people are frightened to speak out, let them feel welcomed, let them know it’s okay to speak up.

Hopefully some cleansing of Hollywood can come from this, and the fall of Harvey Weinstein will put those elite bastards who haven’t been caught yet into check.

Emmys: My picks for the 2017 awards

Emmys: My picks for the 2017 awards

Thought this would be fun to do. I never really pick myself because I don’t feel like I watched enough. However, a lot of the Emmy voters likely watch as much as I do, if not less.

So here are my picks!

Outstanding Drama Series
The Handmaid’s Tale
Alt: The Crown

Stranger Things wasn’t strong enough for me which lead me to these two and Westworld. With Westworld I think the best has yet to come. I also, in contrast, believe these 2 shows (Handmaid’s Tale, The Crown) – we’ve already seen their best.

Handmaid’s Tale inches by! Continue reading

Emmys: Final Predictions – 2017


Final predictions are ranked from most likely to win to least likely.

Last Update: 09/16/17

This is a tough year. The Handmaid’s Tale vs. This is Us vs. Westworld vs. The Crown vs. Stranger Things has to be one of the closest 4-way races the Drama Series category has seen in years. Any of them could win.

I based a lot of these picks on who won the early Emmys. So, in the end, I favored Veep, The Handmaid’s Tale, and This is Us in most categories.

Outstanding Drama Series
The Handmaid’s Tale
This is Us
The Crown
Stranger Things
Better Call Saul
House of Cards

Outstanding Comedy Series
Modern Family
Master of None
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
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TV: Bojack Horseman S4 – (3.5/4)

TV: Bojack Horseman S4 – (3.5/4)

“Bojack Horseman” consistently amazes me. Nearly everything about it – the somber moments, the wacky comedy, the witty wordplay in dialogue, the ambitious (and occasionally experimental) art design, and the keen attention to detail.

The drama hits hard and the comedy is funnier than ever in season 4. I am continually fascinated at how a show that stars bipedal animals is one of the most human television shows out there.

There are many shows that succeed in being simply sad or simply hilarious. As well, there are many shows that succeed in blending the two genres by muting each of them in favor of one another. Plots are better interweaved this season, and nothing is muted. It is sad, but not cold. It is funny, but not cliche.

Bojack Horseman is bombastic and out front with all of its emotions. It’s bold, conscientious, and candid.

I can throw around several superlatives to describe this show and this season. Simply put, I was in awe from head to toe. It may not be the hardest-hitting season of Bojack, but it quietly resonates on an existential level and is one of my favorite shows of all time.