Film: The Fall of Harvey Weinstein

Film: The Fall of Harvey Weinstein It’s been everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit... So you pretty much have an idea now that Harvey Weinstein is a despicable creep. Along with these multiple allegations, we are learning more about the complicit behavior of a lot of performers and industry leaders alike. This is not okay. There is … Continue reading Film: The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


Emmys: Final Predictions – 2017

Emmys Final predictions are ranked from most likely to win to least likely. Last Update: 09/16/17 This is a tough year. The Handmaid's Tale vs. This is Us vs. Westworld vs. The Crown vs. Stranger Things has to be one of the closest 4-way races the Drama Series category has seen in years. Any of … Continue reading Emmys: Final Predictions – 2017

Film: Fox wants an Oscar for War for the Planet of Apes

Film: Fox wants an Oscar for War for the Planet of ApesThere were several articles about this recently.It won't happen.Can a summer blockbuster that is both financially and critically successful score some Gold come Oscar season? Absolutely, and it has happened before.Fox can pour some money and resources into this, but it'll be to no … Continue reading Film: Fox wants an Oscar for War for the Planet of Apes

Film: Dunkirk – (3.5/4)

Film: Dunkirk - (3.5/4)Christopher Nolan has long become a household name. A popular director who, every other year, releases a big-budgetted, ambitious, and original blockbuster.Reminiscent of Spielberg's career from "Jaws" on through "Saving Private Ryan," Nolan has a knack for ambitious filmmaking and often succeeds critically. He excels to new heights with "Dunkirk."I'm always intrigued … Continue reading Film: Dunkirk – (3.5/4)

Film: War for the Planet of the Apes – (2.5/4)

Film: War for the Planet of the Apes - (2.5/4) I'm a huge fan of this trilogy. This new apes trilogy is a prime example of how to re-imagine a nostalgic franchise. With modernized poignancy, "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," to me, was a huge success. The amount of emotional depth brought to … Continue reading Film: War for the Planet of the Apes – (2.5/4)

Film: Spider-Man: Homecoming – (2/4)

Film: Spider-Man: Homecoming - (2/4)   First off, yes, you need to see "Captain America: Civil War" to get full enjoyment out of this film. I completely disagree with Disney's approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but I can rant all day on that while they expect any and everyone to buy tickets to … Continue reading Film: Spider-Man: Homecoming – (2/4)

Film: Kong: Skull Island – (1.5/4)

Film: Kong: Skull Island - (1.5/4) There are many things to admire about "Kong: Skull Island." It's always really nice to see a film that aims to be a good "homage" and succeeds. Though it's even nicer when it can give an original spin as well. "Kong: Skull Island" is anything but original. Monster films … Continue reading Film: Kong: Skull Island – (1.5/4)

Film: Chasing Coral – (2/4)

Film: Chasing Coral - (2/4) This is a tough one. "Chasing Coral" is a wholly flawed documentary, but it is also an incredibly important film that should be a required viewing. This film draws attention to the volume in which we are losing our ocean's coral and the ramifications of this loss. What's causing it? … Continue reading Film: Chasing Coral – (2/4)

Film: Baby Driver (2.5/4)

Film: Baby Driver - (2.5/4) I'm a huge Edgar Wright fan. I revisited "Scott Pilgrim" about a year ago at one of my favorite bars and, more recently, saw a 35mm print of "Hot Fuzz" at my local independent theatre. He excels at visual humor in all his prior films, but with "Baby Driver," a … Continue reading Film: Baby Driver (2.5/4)

Film: Okja (2.5/4)

Film: Okja - (2.5/4) Similar to my emotions toward Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer" I felt there were a lot of things to admire about "Okja," but it had a few misfires to keep it from being truly great. One thing it nails is its ambitious plot. The story is wholly original without ever feeling preachy which, … Continue reading Film: Okja (2.5/4)