2018 Oscar Predictions – Final

Here are my final predictions:

Get Out
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
The Shape of Water
The Shape of Water
Lady Bird
Phantom Thread
Call Me by Your Name
Darkest Hour
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Press F to Pay Respects

“Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” may mostly be remembered for becoming a meme in a moment where you’re required to press a button to “pay respects.”

It unfortunately feels all too real when our “thoughts and prayers” statuses are looped into an indefinite deja vu.

I have strong, emotional and passionate feelings toward what happened in Parkland and our useless government of accomplices, but these adjectives will be the length of it.

Everything I want to say, is being said. And I’m too emotional to be rational, and too apathetic to attempt to be hopeful.

So… I’m listening and that’s that. Back to making it about our entertainment.

The worthlessness of Top 10 lists

The Media 10 name originated from me wanting to create a website of Top 10s.

It was early on in the decade just before Buzzfeed hammered “list” articles into the ground which subsequently perpetuated clickbait content across the web.

More clicks, more ad revenue. This isn’t rocket science. It’s also a plague transmitted by the consolidation of corporate media.

Anyway, I’ll lower my pitchfork and step down from my soapbox… for now.

So yeah, lists were everywhere. Not only were they a mine for ad revenue, but they were easy to write and easily digestible for the reader.

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One small step toward monopoly, one giant leap toward corporatocracy – The Disney, 21st Century Fox merger

Imagine you’re a CEO of a multi-billion dollar entertainment corporation. You have multiple assets and sources of income, but your entertainment franchises benefit your corporation the most.

Some low-level employee has an investment idea – an original story based on an original script.

Well, you have to say no right?

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My Moviepass Endorsement

Moviepass has the potential to be the life-jacket to a sinking industry.

Well, that’s a bit hyperbolic isn’t it? The industry is not “sinking” per se, but it’s also not floating comfortably.

2017 was the worst summer in 25 years for movie theaters. In the midst of all the empty theaters Moviepass’ pie-in-the-sky pipe dream came to life. Continue reading

The Weinstein Effect – The necessity of the Hollywood Purge

We are in the midsts of a historical year for the entertainment industry – there is no denying that. Victims, both women and men, suppressed by the lingering aura of those in power, are starting to feel comfortable speaking out and sharing their trauma.

Before I get into the meat of this post I have to give a shout out to these brave women and men. It’s easy for us on the outside to judge and critique public figures. You’ll often find in comment sections – “Why’d it take so long for you to speak up?”

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TV: 13 Reasons Why S1 – (3/4)

TV: 13 Reasons Why S1 – (3/4)

I didn’t know much about 13 Reasons Why going into it. Never read the book, but I was aware of the looming controversies it had accumulated with its depiction of suicide.

13 Reasons Why is a cold, cold series. A mystery shrouding an aura of doom and gloom. The acting is honest and emotional without falling victim to melodrama. There are a few moments that edge it though.

Does the show glorify suicide? That’s an understandable interpretation, but it really does depend on just that – your interpretation.

Will the show make your underage children want to harm themselves? It definitely won’t help if they’re already showing signs of sadness/depression. A show or movie will never start that conversation in someone’s head, but it can continue it. Please, talk to your children and loved ones and keep those doors open. All episodes warrant strong TVMA ratings for 17+.

The hardest thing when you finish that final episode, and make it through those harrowing and disturbing moments is the realization that the problem is identified. Normally a narrative solves it – these people needed to realize, whether it was brazen or quiet, that they killed Hannah Baker.

They learn their lessons, but then what? Nothing can change, Hannah’s death is a permanent stamp.

There’s nothing happy about 13 Reasons Why, but it does suck you into its mystery and then bashes you over the head with the simple life lesson – we can all be better people, and we should all try harder to be there for others.

Words and actions have power and you never know what effects your words or actions have on others.

As a show – shot beautifully, acted expertly. The plot device puts an annoying limitation on Clay. Sometimes you wish he’d just listen to the tapes already! But they find creative ways around that toward the middle of the season.

Another show where I’m divided on a second season. They didn’t tie all their knots so it’d be nice to have some additional closure. However, moving forward with further tragedies (their possibilities indicated in the finale) may tread all too close to exploitation.

TV: Bojack Horseman S4 – (3.5/4)

TV: Bojack Horseman S4 – (3.5/4)

“Bojack Horseman” consistently amazes me. Nearly everything about it – the somber moments, the wacky comedy, the witty wordplay in dialogue, the ambitious (and occasionally experimental) art design, and the keen attention to detail.

The drama hits hard and the comedy is funnier than ever in season 4. I am continually fascinated at how a show that stars bipedal animals is one of the most human television shows out there.

There are many shows that succeed in being simply sad or simply hilarious. As well, there are many shows that succeed in blending the two genres by muting each of them in favor of one another. Plots are better interweaved this season, and nothing is muted. It is sad, but not cold. It is funny, but not cliche.

Bojack Horseman is bombastic and out front with all of its emotions. It’s bold, conscientious, and candid.

I can throw around several superlatives to describe this show and this season. Simply put, I was in awe from head to toe. It may not be the hardest-hitting season of Bojack, but it quietly resonates on an existential level and is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Oscar: Winner Predictions – September 2017

Oscar: Winner Predictions – September 2017

I have just finished updating the Oscar Predictions. I know we are in the midst of multiple film festivals and gathering new information everyday, but I couldn’t help get a jump on it with all the great new films that have been seen.

You can see our full Oscar predictions with alternates here.

For this blog post, I will go ahead and give my early winner predictions with the nominees I am currently predictions:

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Film: Fox wants an Oscar for War for the Planet of Apes

Film: Fox wants an Oscar for War for the Planet of Apes

There were several articles about this recently.

It won’t happen.

Can a summer blockbuster that is both financially and critically successful score some Gold come Oscar season? Absolutely, and it has happened before.

Fox can pour some money and resources into this, but it’ll be to no avail simply because War for the Planet of the Apes wasn’t good enough. Hell, it may not even be considered the most critically-acclaimed blockbuster of 2017.

It will also always invite comparisons to its vastly superior predecessor. Having “Dawn” to compare it to only highlights the flaws of “War.”

Would absolutely love for Serkis to get some love, but we have never lived in a just world.