Film: Kong: Skull Island – (1.5/4)

Film: Kong: Skull Island – (1.5/4)

There are many things to admire about “Kong: Skull Island.” It’s always really nice to see a film that aims to be a good “homage” and succeeds. Though it’s even nicer when it can give an original spin as well. “Kong: Skull Island” is anything but original.

Monster films have been great escapes for people for more than half a century. The best ones resonate with us in the moments when they were innovative in their filmmaking.

“Kong: Skull Island” wears proudly it’s inspiration on its sleeve. It’s a fun time-killer and a visual feast. But when all is said and done it will just be a forgettable above-average springtime blockbuster profiting off nostalgia.

The new “Apes” trilogy re-invented itself whilst paying homage to its source material. “Kong” struggles to make itself unique, just watch those classic monster films instead.


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