SN: “Silence” and “Batman v. Superman” top our most anticipated poll

batmanvsupermantrailer_610SN: “Silence” and “Batman v. Superman” top our most anticipated poll

It says a lot about our users that “Silence” would break through many other genre films to tie for a top spot. It will, however, end up sharing that top spot with “Batman v. Superman.” A movie that I’m not really anticipated at all.

I posted about my most anticipated films which I believe had a fair mix of genre blockbusters and films with strong potential quality. Even with genre films we have another new “Star Wars” (“Rogue One”), we have “Suicide Squad,” we have a slew of Marvel films per usual; the fact that people are anticipating “Batman v. Superman” more than all of these, even in a smaller poll, is baffling to me.

I like to predict things, awards mostly, and I don’t foresee “Batman v. Superman” being very good. It’s too little too late. Marvel had the benefit of building up and developing their characters with several feature films before throwing them all together. We had “Man of Steel” but it didn’t have the critical acclaim of the early Marvel movies.

I’d like to be wrong. I love Batman and Superman, I love comics and sometimes comic-book movies can compete with the best of them. But I cannot foresee this particular film being very good.

“Silence,” though. “Silence” will be amazing.


3 thoughts on “SN: “Silence” and “Batman v. Superman” top our most anticipated poll

  1. Movie goer says:

    I am so hyped for Batman v Superman. I don’t get where all this ” Too little too late ” is coming from. Frankly , it’s never too late to do something , specially if you’re doing it your own way. DC had popular movies since way back. They started the whole super hero genre.They created the first super hero ever and their characters lasted for a really long time.That doesn’t mean Marvel was too late , Marvel struggled and had to sell it’s characters to save itself from bankruptcy , but here they are today successful and reclaiming some of the characters they sold like spiderman.
    So who are we to tell DC it’s too late for you to start a shared universe? Specially when there are many people who demanded it for years.
    As for bringing the characters together in their second movie , I think it’s a bold and very smart move if it was done right.
    Marvel would have failed if it tried the same because it’s characters were not iconic. The only marvel character I’ve ever heard of before the MCU was spiderman. While I’ve known Superman , Batman , Flash , Joker , Lex Luthor and wonder woman since I was a mere 4 year old.
    I’m not a comic book reader , but I know enough about these characters to get excited.They are icons of my childhood. DC doesn’t need to copy Marvel in how it builds it’s universe because it’s characters are more iconic.
    They introduced superman , and now they introduce Batman in the aftermath of man of steel. Wonder woman will get some baddass scenes to give us more anticipation of her solo movie and then Joker will get introduced in suicide squad with other villains.
    I think it’s the perfect set up.As long as the story delivers things will be great with the DCEU.

    • Matthew Durham says:

      The too little too late persepctive, at least for me, comes from the idea that Disney and Marvel have exhausted the genre. Of course they’ll make movies as long as the profit is there, but Age of Ultron did not nearly reach expected numbers. With Batman v. Superman DC needs to significantly make their franchise standout from Marvel, especially if they’re trying to take that torch from them. It also doesn’t help that Man of Steel had underwhelming reviews and wasn’t nearly the box office smash it could’ve been. Again, it’s all speculation, Batman v. Superman could very well change the game and be great. My expectations though, at this moment, are lukewarm.

      • Movie goer says:

        Like I said , through my experience in life , I firmly believe that it’s never too little too late.
        Marvel did not exhaust the genre , nor will any particular company ever exhaust any particular genre.Actually , having seen most of Marvels movies , I think Marvel left a lot to be desired which I’m hoping DC gives to me. Action , fantasy , drama , family , horror , scify ….ect These have existed for many years and will continue to exist for many to come. As long as you do these genres in a different way with a compelling story ,good cast and directing , your movie will always have a place in the box office and in people’s hearts.

        I’ve seen Man of steel. It has amazing cinematography and great sound track with great action sequence.The script though is what left me wanting more.But still , it was much better than “superman returns” and I find it baffling that the later scored more on RT than the former.

        BvS has the advantage of chris terrio to help the script and from what I’ve seen of the trailers I am actually quite optimistic.I think this movie has a great idea and a very smart move , it’s just a question of will it be executed as greatly as it should? or will it fall short of achieving that? I can’t wait to watch it first night of release.And I can’t wait for the DCEU.

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