SN: I’m a Lancaster, therefore I’m a Lannister

SN: I’m a Lancaster, therefore I’m a Lannister

This TED lesson by Alex Gendler illustrates some history that may have inspired George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice.”

The video above talks about The Wars of the Roses. One, very important family mentioned, is the Lancaster family. I particularly found this interesting since my mother’s maiden name is “Lancaster.”

You can also see how the name “Lannister” came to be. The current Westerosian royal family bares many similarities to the Lancaster family.

I guess all of this explains my dirty blonde hair, despite my mother’s hair being naturally Targaryen-white and my father’s hair being Baratheon-black (wait am I adopted!?)

However, even with my fathers passion for genealogy, he hasn’t discovered a direct link between the Lancaster name in our family to the family that participated in the War of the Roses. Thought it was an interesting tidbit though.


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