SideNote: “Transparent” and “Modern Family” will be likely favorites for the Comedy Emmy

Currently in our Emmy Predictions we are thinking that “Transparent” follows up their surprise Golden Globe victory with another victory at the Emmys later this year.

So could “Transparent” derail “Modern Family” from winning its sixth straight Emmy for best Comedy series? According to our recent poll, both shows tied for the top spot when readers were asked which show would come out victorious.

The Golden Globes surprised everyone by not nominating “Modern Family” for Comedy series at all last year. However, it’s easy to tell that Emmy voters love the series that is now concluding another strong season.

Other potential contenders that did well in our poll were “Veep,” “Louie,” and “Parks and Recreation.” Make of all this what you will, but for now we’ll stick to “Transparent” making a strong appearance at the Emmys. Watch out for “Veep,” “Louie,” “Silicon Valley,” and “Parks and Recreation” though.

Our new poll asks what the Best “Walt Disney Pictures” film is of this decade so far. Strong potential contenders include “Toy Story 3,” “Frozen,” and “Into the Woods.”


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