Oscar: Way too Early 2015 Oscar Predictions

grandbudabesthotel23Oscar: Way too Early 2015 Oscar Predictions

So many films that may get nominations have probably not even shown up on IMDB. So in the end, this list may not be very accurate. But we have compiled some early contenders just to get us started. For now all we have are the acting categories along with Picture and Director, click more to see them.

Best Picture
1. Gone Girl
2. Interstellar
3. Unbroken
4. Inherent Vice
5. The Giver
6. The Grand Budapest Hotel
7. Foxcatcher
8. Jupiter Ascending
9. Into the Woods
10. Jersey Boys
11. Knight of Cups
12. Fury
13. Exodus
14. Get On Up
15. Paddington

Best Director
1. Paul Thomas Anderson, Inherent Vice
2. David Fincher, Gone Girl
3. Phillip Noyce, The Giver
4. Christopher Nolan, Interstellar
5. Angelina Jolie, Unbroken
6. Clint Eastwood, Jersey Boys
7. Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel
8. Bennett Miller, Foxcatcher
9. Andy and Lana Wachowski, Jupiter Ascending
10. Wally Pfister, Transcendence

Best Actor
1. Joaquin Phoenix, Inherent Vice
2. Jeff Bridges, The Giver
3. Chadwick Boseman, Get On Up
4. Steve Carell, Foxcatcher
5. Christian Bale, Exodus
6. Christopher Walken, Jersey Boys
7. Ralph Fiennes, The Grand Budapest Hotel
8. Christian Bale, Knight of Cups
9. Johnny Depp, Transcendence
10. Matthew McConaughey, Interstellar

Best Actress
1. Meryl Streep, Into the Woods
2. Melissa McCarthy, Tammy
3. Mila Kunis, Jupiter Ascending
4. Quvenzhane Wallis, Annie
5. Nicole Kidman, Grace of Monaco
6. Rachel McAdams, A Most Wanted Man
7. Nicole Kidman, Paddington
8. Natalie Portman, Knight of Cups
9. Angelina Jolie, Maleficent
10. Kate Mara, Transcendence

Supporting Actor
1. Garrett Hedlund, Unbroken
2. Josh Brolin, Inherent Vice
3. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, A Most Wanted Man
4. Mark Ruffalo, Foxcatcher
5. Alexander Skarsgard, The Giver
6. Brad Pitt, Fury
7. Domhnall Gleeson, Unbroken
8. Aaron Paul, Exodus
9. Robert Duvall, The Judge
10. Owen Wilson, Inherent Vice

Supporting Actress
1. Viola Davis, Get On Up
2. Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl
3. Jena Malone, Inherent Vice
4. Meryl Streep, The Giver
5. Christine Baranski, Into the Woods
6. Taraji P. Henson, No Good Deed
7. Reese Witherspoon, Inherent Vice
8. Julianne Moore, Map to the Stars
9. Cate Blanchett, The Monuments Men
10. Anne Hathaway, Interstellar


20 thoughts on “Oscar: Way too Early 2015 Oscar Predictions

      • Matthew Durham says:

        I’m going to be updating this list at the end of February and consider all of these. Not really feeling “Jupiter Ascending” after the trailer. Feels like a blockbuster that may or may not be critically successful, but won’t have success with awards.

  1. Howard McKean says:

    I would not count out Anna Kendrick and Johnny Depp for Supporting nor Rob Marshall for Directing in “Into The Woods”

    • Matthew Durham says:

      They didn’t quite make the cut. I don’t doubt that either of them could pull off a nomination, it really just depends on how significant their role is. Johnny Depp as The Wolf sounds intriguing though.

      I considered Christine Baranski for supporting because I feel like the evil step-mother is more of a role to evolve into as opposed to Cinderella (I’m sure Kendrick will nail this though.)

      I also am not feeling much for “Into the Woods” outside of Meryl Streep who I also think will be on the bubble. Rob Marshall has had successes, but he isn’t consistent and the films subject matter doesn’t exactly scream Oscar.

    • Matthew Durham says:

      Gary Oldman is consistently good. But the director/writer don’t have the strongest of resumes. “Safe House” and “Ransom” being key projects. I’ve heard good things about the source material though so who knows.

  2. ChrisD says:

    Certainly Amy Adams in ‘Big Eyes’ if it’s at all good and she’s good then she’ll win on nomination No.6. Reese Witherspoon in Wild? Perhaps Laura Dern in supporting as her Mother

    • Matthew Durham says:

      I totally think Bale (a.k.a. the acting chameleon) can pull it off. But Ridley Scott films are so inconsistent, especially the more recent ones. This time last year many thought “The Counselor” would be a legit contender.



      ben affleck GONE GIRL
      arnold schwarzenegger SABOTAGE
      jason clarke EVEREST
      jake gyllenhaal ENEMY
      ben foster ARMSTRONG
      benicio deltoro PARADISE LOST
      al pacino MANGLEHORN
      jack reynor GLASSLAND
      tom hardy LOCKE
      christian bale KNIGHT OF CUPS
      michael keaton BIRDMAN
      steve carell FOXCATCHER
      chadwick boseman GET ON UP
      clive owen BLOOD TIES
      michael fassbender MACBETH
      johnny depp TRANSCENDENCE
      brad pitt FURY
      ralph fiennes GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL
      brendan gleeson CALVARY
      william hurt JENRAGE DE SON ABSENCE
      michael pena CHAVEZ
      jerremy renner KILL THE MESSENGER
      colin farrell MISS JULIE
      robert downey jr THE JUDGE
      colin firth MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT
      russell crowe NOAH
      matthew mcconaughey INTERSTELLAR
      billy crudup BLOOD TIES
      michael douglas REYKJAVIK
      joaquin phoenix INHERENT VICE
      philip seymour hoffman A MOST WANTED MAN


      domhnall gleeson UNBROKEN
      robert duvall THE JUDGE
      shia labeouf FURY
      casey affleck INTERSTELLAR
      michael smiley GLASSLAND
      edward norton BIRDMAN
      sam worthington SABOTAGE
      gary oldman CHILD 44
      channing tatum FOXCATCHER
      josh brolin INHERENT VICE
      ray liotta KILL THE MESSENGER
      chris o’dowd CALVARY
      matthias schoenaerts BLOOD TIES
      christoph waltz REYKJAVIK
      willem dafoe A MOST WANTED MAN
      cillian murphy ALOFT
      anthony hopkins NOAH
      robert patrick KILL THE MESSENGER
      james caan BLOOD TIES


      emma stone MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT
      nina hoss A MOST WANTED MAN
      jena Malone INHERENT VICE
      toni collette GLASSLAND
      noomi rapace CHILD 44
      saoirse ronan GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL
      rosamund pike GONE GIRL
      robin wright A MOST WANTED MAN
      anne hathaway INTERSTELLAR
      imogen poots KNIGHT OF CUPS
      kelly reilly CALVARY
      christina hendricks GODS POCKET
      jackie weaver MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT
      meryl streep INTO THE WOODS
      oona chaplin ALOFT
      jennifer connoly NOAH
      eva marie saint WINTERS TALE
      marion cotillard BLOOD TIES


      mireille enos SABOTAGE
      kirsten dunst TWO FACES OF JANUARY
      melanie laurent ENEMY
      berenice bejo THE SEARCH
      mary elizabeth winstead KILL THE MESSENGER
      rachel mcadams A MOST WANTED MAN
      marion cotillard MACBETH
      zoe saldana BLOOD TIES
      jessica chastain MISS JULIE
      reese witherspoon WILD
      jessica chastain INTERSTELLAR
      natalie portman KNIGHT OF CUPS

  3. Anonymous says:


    Jersey Boys
    Charlie Victor Romeo
    The Monuments Men
    Dom Hemingway
    Grand Budapest Hotel
    Gone Girl
    A Birder´s Guide to Everything


    Joaquin Phoenix Inherent Vice
    Jake Gyllenhaal Enemy
    George Clooney The Monuments Men
    Nicholas Cage Joe
    Matthew McConaug Interstellar
    Russell Crowe Noah
    Christoph Walz The Zero Theorem
    John Hamm Million Dollar Arm
    Jude Law Dom Hemingway
    Christian Bale Knight of Cups
    Ralph Fiennes The Grand Budapest Hotel
    Ben Kingsley A Birder´s Guide to Everything
    Matt Damon The Monuments Men
    Demian Bichir Dom Hemingway
    James Franco Interior Leather Bar
    Shia LaBeouf Nymphomaniac


      demian bicher was the ”surprise” oscar nominee
      the year ryan gosling (drive) and michael fassbender (shame) were both snubbed
      so i bought A BETTER LIFE on dvd
      he was amazing
      he deserved his nom

      • Matthew Durham says:

        Gosling didn’t have much range in “Drive.” He was good, as usual, but it just wasn’t a baity role and it wasn’t a very Academy friendly movie. Everyone was predicting Albert Brooks for supporting in “Drive” until he didn’t make the cut. Fassbender wasn’t ever a serious contender either, “Shame” was just too small. Good to see McQueen and Fassbender have come back with a vengeance in 2013 with “12 Years a Slave.”

  4. adorian says:

    100 Yard Journey….Helen Mirren
    Miss Julie…Jessica Chastain, Colin Ferrell, Samantha Morton
    My Old Lady…Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline

  5. JOE says:

    Best Actor
    1. Joaquin Phoenix, Inherent Vice
    2. Jeff Bridges, The Giver
    3. Christopher Walken, Jersey Boys
    4. Steve Carell, Foxcatcher
    5. Ralph Fiennes, The Grand Budapest Hotel


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