Nostalgic Video Game Review: Squirrel Kombat



Nostalgic Video Game Review: Squirrel Kombat


Usually before writing an article about anything I do a little research to back up what I say. Normally I would start out talking about this game  origins, when it was created, the kind of impact it had on Computer gamers, what ever happened to it. Well after attempting to research it I can sort of answer the last one, it disappeared from existence.

Growing up in an office building that was primarily Mac-based we didn’t have much options in computer-gaming. Back then most computer games were Windows based. Me and my brother would download whatever games could play on our Mac’s back then. So while I can’t give you a release date, or a decent example photo of the game, I will say it was in the 90s that it was created, and I feel personally incredible nostalgic about it primarily because we logged some serious hours on it.

This was back in an era where if you wanted to play a two player game on the computer you had to share the keyboard. Incredible how far we have come. This game is pretty much what the title suggests, Mortal Kombat but with Squirrels. It was violent, funny and ridiculously entertaining. You could play against a computer, against a friend on a shared keyboard, or go through the campaign as the photo above indicated.

The last boss I believe was a character named “Military Muskrat” I could be wrong though, it has been a long long time. This was the kind of fun game that I will occasionally bring up in conversation, but no one has heard of it. Someone mentioned it to me recently and I went to youtube to see if I could watch gameplay. I found nothing.

I wanted to write an article about the game, searching for a good image for the article was difficult, there were only around 2 images available and the other didn’t show much. Overall, I have to say this game is a strong nostalgic blast from the past that I owe several hours of life entertainment to, and my brother alike. If you remember this, reach out to me! I would like to discuss it!

Final Score: 4.5/5

*”Nostalgia” will be a new category featured on The Media 10 for older products that aren’t exactly “Classics.”



5 thoughts on “Nostalgic Video Game Review: Squirrel Kombat

  1. DrLex says:

    It is actually possible to still play this if you are prepared to go through the hoops of installing SheepShaver, finding a working Mac ROM, a copy of Mac OS that runs on SheepShaver, and of course, a copy of the game.

  2. Spencer says:

    I spent a lot of time playing this game too, and feel like it would make for a good iOS game. The song was great, it was a parody of the Offspring song “Walla Walla”.
    Offspring lyrics:
    “He started to run but didn’t get far, cuz under his arm was a V-C-R”
    Squirrel Kombat lyrics:
    “He started to run but didn’t get far, cuz chasing him were three squirrels in a car”

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