Updated Oscar Predictions – July 2016

lala-landUpdated Oscar Predictions – July 2016

We’re getting closer! There are still so many potentially great films that we haven’t even seen a still image of yet. TIFF and Venice are just around the corner though and we plan on promptly updating these right after.

Keep it here for the most updated predictions

Here’s what we have for now:


Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk
The Birth of a Nation
La La Land
Live by Night
The Founder
Manchester by the Sea
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Emmys: Updated Winner Predictions

Emmys: Updated Winner Predictions

The Emmy nominations had some unexpected variables from an outside perspective, but it actual was more predictable this year than it has been in the past.

I’m pretty satisfied with my nominee predictions, you can see the full rankings of “most likely to win” along with my personal nominee-prediction score on the Emmys page.

Here’s a quick idea of who I’m thinking will win each category:

Drama Series
What will win: Game of Thrones
Alternate: Mr. Robot

Comedy Series
What will win: Veep
Alternate: Silicon Valley
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Pokémon Go – changing the way you play smart phone games

pokemon-go-nick_statt-screenshots-2.0Pokémon Go – changing the way you play smart phone games

I was, and still am a huge “Pokémon” fan. So it warms my heart to see the franchise reinvent itself in what could be the most popular Smart Phone game since “Angry Birds.”

Pokémon was met with insurmountable popularity in the late 90s. I know, I contributed greatly to its popularity. I loved the card game, the series, the Gameboy games, pretty much everything about the mysterious world. But with popularity invariably comes controversy.

The franchise was met with hate by church groups, episodes of the show were censored, and soon, accompanied by popularity, it became one of the most controversial franchises of its magnitude.

The controversy, and even the popularity probably weren’t in executive director Satoshi Tajiri’s mind when he sculpted the franchise. The idea for Pokémon stemmed from Tajiri’s fascination with insect collecting, which he loved to do as a kid. Continue reading

2016 Emmy Predictions – July


2016 Emmy Predictions – July

“Game of Thrones!” “Game of Thrones!” “Game of Thrones!”

With that said, it should be a pretty big year for HBO as well as Netflix. We’ve got all of our predictions below including GUEST categories and Variety categories as well.

Keep it here for our most updated predictions.

 Drama Series
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Better Call Saul
Mr. Robot
Downton Abbey
Orange is the New Black
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SN: “Captain America: Civil War” and how they juggled multiple characters

56d4dfc9cdfd2SN: “Captain America: Civil War” and how they juggled multiple characters

If you know me, I’m not exactly a die hard fan of the post-“Iron Man” Marvel cinematic universe. The villains are consistently stale and the action sequences are often bloated and over-long.

But I did, however, really like “Captain America: Civil War.”

It’s refreshing for a superhero film to deal with politics and ramifications of collateral damage and the civilians who lost their lives in those scenes we are supposed to find amusing.
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Oscar: 2016 Cannes Film Festival Winners and what will translate to Oscar

urn-newsml-dpa-com-20090101-160512-90-004988_201605131256_fullOscar: 2016 Cannes Film Festival Winners and what will translate to Oscar

Palme d’Or: I, Daniel Blake
Grand Prix: Xavier Dolan, It’s Only the End of the World
Best Director: Graduation (Cristian Mungiu) and Personal Shopper (Olivier Assayas)
Best Actress: Jaclyn Jose, Ma Rosa
Best Actor: Shahab Hosseini, The Salesman

What will translate to Oscar?

We learned little from this years Cannes Film Festival, but you can make an assured assumption that the titles, actors, and directors listed above will not translate to Oscar.

Of all of them we will keep an eye on “I, Daniel Blake” and how it’s distributed, and may factor in Jose and Hosseini as dark horses as our Actor/Actress predictions narrow.

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Bulletin: Avengers murder dozens in Lagos, meet with Secretary of State

Captain-Lagos-1-720x431Bulletin: Avengers murder dozens in Lagos, meet with Secretary of State

So stop me if you heard this one before. A few of the Avengers were in Lagos, I think it was Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, and this new girl, have you heard of this woman? The Scarlet Witch they call her. Well do you know what the Scarlet Witch’s mutant super-power is? Some sort of telepathy.

Anyway another tragedy in Lagos as many innocent humanitarian workers were killed in the cross-fire, as is to be expected with the Avengers, when the Scarlet Witch lifted up a man, who was trying to suicide bomb himself, and threw him into a nearby building.

It just… It just baffles me. I understand we live in a different world now. We have aliens, and Gods, and a world where mutants run freely. 10 years ago, anyone with special abilities was kept out of the limelight, then Tony Stark came up with the brilliant idea to shoehorn himself into being a superhero by buying his way there and our government saw profit, like they always have with Stark Industries.

These are the profiteers of war and destruction. You know what pays to fix these buildings? That’s right – your tax dollars. And look, I understand, if you have these special abilities you want to help, you want to do something, but we’ve reviewed footage from New York, from Sokovia, and now from Lagos and there just seems to be minimal effort from our so called Avengers to guide these mishaps away from populated areas.

There has now been some speculation that Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross has met with the Avengers regarding the United Nations proposal – the Sokovia Accords. Some may see this as a good thing, putting these over-powered individuals in check. I don’t believe the Sokovia Accords goes far enough. The justice system has failed us, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, all of them are murderers and terrorists and should be held accountable on a judicial level.

We’ll see how the United Nations tries to “share” the Avengers equally among other countries or if the murderous Avengers will even fall in line. I believe they all need to be locked up and be tried for their crimes against humanity.

**Bulletins are parody news articles

Purple Rain: or how I learned who Prince was

Prince-Purple-RainPurple Rain: or how I learned who Prince was

I was born in 1992. I’m 24 years old. So naturally when Prince died I was startled, but not emotional. You see, when I was informed that the music icon had passed away, I knew the name, I knew a few songs, but that was it. The death didn’t have the same affect on me that David Bowie’s death did.

My mother loved Prince. She, and her siblings, grew up in just the right generation to experience his music and performances. Tonight, I just got back from a midnight screening of “Purple Rain” with her, my mother’s day gift to her.

Going into the film she warned me not to be too critical. That it wasn’t going to be “good” in the traditional sense. In a way, she was right. The camerawork was amateurish, the acting was awful, and the editing/story were all over the place. Yet, I still felt passion, an emotion that I don’t normally feel coming out of a film so scotched taped together.

I was among a fervent crowd, feeling out of place (and not wearing any purple), but a lot of the passion I felt came from Prince himself. His acting, like many of the other actors, was not good, but he still demanded an electric presence, especially during the performance scenes – patrons would clap along to many of the hit songs.

I also thought the story was good. There was never a clear resolution, but there were clear moments where you could tell Prince was putting his heart into his character, and drawing out his own personal and professional flaws, laying bare for all of us to see – something his music always did.

Now this movie I literally just saw, “Purple Rain,” is all I’ve seen of Prince, ever. I still don’t know much about him at all, but now I have a clear idea of what he represented on a cultural level.

Initial Reaction: “Overwatch” Beta

Overwatch-29Initial Reaction: “Overwatch” beta

I’ll be honest. I grew up with Macs, so therefore, I never became much of a PC gamer.  In result, I never played many of the classic games from Blizzard Entertainment. I never played any of the “Diablo” franchise, nor did I ever fall for the “World of Warcraft.”

In fact, the last Blizzard game I played, and absolutely loved, was “Lost Vikings” for Sega Genesis. That games was sick.

Anyways, “Overwatch” is nothing like “Diablo” or “World of Warcraft.” In a way, Blizzard has moved from MMO RPGs to a versus multiplayer game in “Overwatch.” So far, my initial reaction from the online beta, is that this game is great, but could overstay its welcome.

Blizzard Entertainment co-founder Michael Morhaime said the intention of “Overwatch” was to “create an awesome FPS experience that’s more accessible to a much wider audience while delivering the action and depth that shooter fans love.” From my experience shooters without campaigns or story modes have action, but lack depth.
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Updated Emmy Predictions – May

Updated Emmy Predictions – May

The People v. OJ Simpson is the talk of Emmy prognosticators every where. It is surely to score many nominations, whether or not HBO’s “All the Way” knocks it out of a few victories is another story.

HBO isn’t just doing great in the Limited Series/TV Movie categories. We have it in first for drama with the return of “Game of Thrones” and 2 of their shows atop the comedy list – “Veep” and “Silicon Valley.”

Check out the predictions below and keep in touch with our Emmy page for updated predictions.

daenerysDrama Series
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Downton Abbey
Better Call Saul
Mr. Robot
Orange is the New Black

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